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Shinigami Assignments

Shinigami assignments are tasks that can be done to unlock more characters.

Step-by-step guide to do a mission:
  • 1) Be the required rank or higher.
  • 2) Have any required missions completed.
  • 3) Press the Start Playing button.
  • 4) Select any characters involved in any missions you wish to work on.
  • 5) Play the game normally.
  • 6) Finally understand that missions are not a separate game but work in the background passively.
These assignments are meant to prepare you and train you for the hard journey ahead. With these missions you are able to unlock most characters who call their home Karakura Town.
The Soul Society missions are meant to put your new-found skills to test. With these missions you are able to unlock some of the inhabitants of Soul Society, including shinigami.
The Lieutenants of Gotei 13 missions will show you just how powerful Soul Society's finest are. With these missions you are able to unlock the 2nd of command from each of the 13 divisions.
The Captains of Gotei 13 Missions are meant to push you to the very edge. With these missions you are able to unlock the best of the best, the Captains of Soul Society.
The Bankai Shinigami missions are the cream of the crop when it comes to the Shinigami. With these missions, you'll unlock the strongest version of the Shinigami and their abilities.
The Arrancars of Hueco Mundo missions are meant to show you the darker side of the hollows. With these missions you are able to unlock the loyal soldiers who take orders from the Espada.
The Espada of Hueco Mundo missions will show you that even the strongest of Hollows don't compare to the power of an Espada. With these missions you will unlock the loyal soldiers of Aizen.
The Released Espada missions represent the strongest forms of Aizen's army. An Espada's Resurreccion is comparable to a Captain's Bankai.
The Vizard Missions reveal the secret power of the Shinigami-Hollow fusion that is the Vizards. With these missions, you are able to tap into the few, but capable Vizards.
The Special Missions vary in both difficulty and objective. With these missions you are able to unlock characters who don't fit in other categories.

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