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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 00:51 by Kostas

A few matters of importance first. Many of you know likely do not know of this but we have had a lack of updates for a long while, that was due to Soul-Arena not having a dedicated coder like Naruto-Arena had. That changed a bit ago and now our own Spirit_In_Black was taught how to code. This will increase the speed of balances, characters and updates by a very large amount.

With that said, new characters; and balances too!

  • Boosts: Hanakari Jinta, Kurotsuchi Nemu, Shawlong Qufang.
  • Nerfs: Ichimaru Gin, Ishida Ryuuken.

Details can be found >here<

Demon Sado
Realizing that his powers were too weak to protect those he cared about Sado went off to train with Kisuke Urahara. Sado has now not only improved his old arm, but gained a second arm too, capable of amazing power.

Sparrow Uryuu
Having lost his previous Quincy powers Uryuu turned to his father to help regain them through arduous training. Thanks to his new powers Uryuu has regained his old abilities, and some new ones too.

Shikai Rukia
After the events of Aizen's betrayal Rukia managed to get her powers back to what they used to be. With her ice based Zanpakutou and kidou prowess Rukia can disable her enemies in a variety of ways.

Gantebainne Mosqueda
The 107th Arrancar, a privaron espada and a brawler who fights with his fists. Gantebainne can deliver powerful swift punches that can break through defenses with ease.

Cirucci Sanderwicci
The 105th Arrancar, Cirucci is an alluring yet very rude and tomboyish Privaron Espada. Cirucci's basic attacks revolve around her zigzagging Yo-Yo but when she releases her Resurreccion she becomes a mighty winged beast.

Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio
Ex-Espada and currently the 103rd arrancar, Dordonii's casual goofy and eccentric personality is contrasted by his far more serious personality in battle. His Resurreccion allows him to focus his attacks on defensive as well as offense.

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