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Hey, guys. So, as I had said, there were going to be some new characters this week, and here they are. I am going to skip the balance for today, I did one not too long ago, so instead, I will save it for the inevitable hotfix that will be required.

Kurosaki Karin

The daughter of Kurosaki Isshin and brother to Ichigo, Karin is a headstrong, somewhat bossy girl who often acts as a guardian over her younger sister. While Karin doesn't possess kidou or a zanpakutou, she is an athletic, quick girl with a powerful kick.

Ikkanzaka Jiroubou

A shinigami of the 4th division; Jiroubou is a man who likes to boast but is not afraid to fight dirty. Jiroubou's zanpakutou allow him to swarm the entire battlefield with tiny shuriken blades. 

Kurosaki Isshin
The former 10th Division Captain who left Soul Society and sacrificed his power; Isshin has now returned, along with his powers. As a former Captain, Isshin is a master of the zanpakutou, delivering brutal attacks that cleave the enemy team in two.

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It'd be neat if something similar could happen again, but it's not 2010 anymore - is flash still used?

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shadow235 wrote:
I will always login on to this site, as long as this place is still standing . It's my childhood, a place I felt at home at, it's sad it's in the current shape it is. Naruto-arena is still godly active compared to the ghost town this place is, but still is a shell of what it once was. Altho these next few months (?) Years (?) Will be quite ones none the less, I will enjoy the remainder of my stay. It was a fun ride Soul-Arena, Naruto-Arena, and even tho you'll never be what you once we're ever again, thank you. ❤

ew steven24 was here

wow I got on mere days before Shawn had nostalgia.

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Still can't remember my other accounts. Oh well.

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i have an idea !
why not colaborate to create an another arena game ?

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literally the last time i was here Yamamoto wasn't even in the game. or were any espada besides Grimmjow and Aanerioro?? damn its been a while. cant remember my ld email or password so im stuck starting over.

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Yulwei wrote:
Low-key nostalgia
fuck off faggot

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Well, nice.

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Next update in 2020?!

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Rain Turalthirum

Dissipating convolutions of soft gales whistled in tandem, a meticulous rhythm echoed perpetually. Azurean pillars of luminescence flexed and lengthened to amass the silhouette of a shadowy figure. Wisps of ashen smoke flutter about in a whimsical blandness. Soon after coils of ashen vapor catch heed to small gusts. Small and pale, the male boy who appeared in a clear day. Upon materialization the boy's silhouette became an actualization of Rain. A small Turalthirum child around the age fifteen. Though his body frail, his height was notable. Vanta-Black material sighted the Turalthirum's upper torso with a equipped hood covered in achromatic fur. Vanta-Black material also covered the Tural's lower limbs. Slender and fitted brogan match the upper attire to complete the appearance. Threadbare strands of silk flailed in the might gusts that now wafted past the Turalthirum. Hair only slightly going past the gaze of the Tural. Lavender irises tightly survey the storm coming upon the once peaceful sightly meadow.

" Si.. "

Pale petals part to conjure piece of a summon. Soon after a audible syllable all was forgotten and the Tural gathered dominance. Soft inhalation and strong exhalation, the Tural's right met with a shoulder height. Slender digits curl to indicate the presence of four impalpable items between the Turalthirum's fingers.

Thus, their gaze met.

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Siv Turalthirum

Standing within the meadow, Siv watched with obvious anticipation at the scene that took place before him. Within his palm, a book that quickly vanished into the wisps of air and seem to disintegrate away. Upon his lips a cigarette, and around his shoulders a long, sleeved cloak that dragged down to his ankles. Barely visible beneath, a pair of black combat boots. His eyes set about the child that finally came to view, and the light voice that came after. Glancing about the meadow, Siv held his right hand out as space began to distort above the palm. Vicero fell to his grasp, the 6 foot 6 inch staff colored vanta-black. Made of an unknown metallic substance, each end was tipped off with a very thin golden circle. Just as Vicero formed, three small spheres of the same vanta-black and metallic substance began to float through the air around Siv. Each about the size of a softball, never went very far from his person.

"You're the young one... Show me what you can do."

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Rain Turalthirum

A quiet cast allowed the piercing resonance of a bullet to cascade the realm. Rain's right subtly flicked the tendons within to send the first imperceptible item towards Siv. It's velocity and speed relative to interactions of matter and energy, mach one. While soaring through the reality it existed within, it held enough weight in current reality to create sound.

" What's that? "

Rain's face gained a almost puzzled structure. Truly inquiring about something Siv conjured.

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Siv Turalthirum

As the first item was launched forward at Mach 1, one of the three spheres matched the speed perfectly. Siv, calculating where the bullet was coming moved it within said path, causing a resounding boom as the objects met. The sphere, unflinching would rebound to the side and land upon the ground. Siv never ignored it's position completely, even as he responded to the sudden inquiry.

"This thing? It's name is Vicero. It's a staff. Wanna see?"

Without pause, Siv slid his left foot behind his right in a defensive stance, right arm extending to point at Rain. The staff, an extension of his arm now pointed forwards, to the left shoulder of the child. Without so much as an utterance, it began to extend directly at the point he had aimed. Speed, relative to Mach 5 as it shot forth.

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Rain Turalthirum

It's sonic resonance only mirrored the presence of a bullet. The ephemeral item was actually a type of combative dagger. It's composition on a didn't frequency of energy, completely made of CE. A reactive yet stable meta-physical substance. It's vessel crossed paths with the object Siv sent to deflect. Only action that took place was a sudden phase, and the item continued it's path. It could now physically be perceived as a thin cylindrical metallic needle with a feather attached. This could only be known by the cerulean hue that glowed to outline it's movement. The actual vessel imperceptible to any eye untrained. The Turalthirum child Rain also glowed with the same hue, a sudden presence of hostility grew. The air around them static and muffled with heinous intensity.

" This is weird. I want it. "

The subtle and gentle announcement flourished in a reaction of quiet smiles. In the instance of approach the staff met a obdurate force. Instances in time were mere reflections of images to the speed at which the materialization of a small orb came about. It's vessel expanded to shield the front half of Rain from Vicero's onslaught. Cracking a bit the thinned out material glowed with the same hue of blue. It's cracks repairing themselves all the while Vicero was in contact.

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