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Hey, guys. So, as I had said, there were going to be some new characters this week, and here they are. I am going to skip the balance for today, I did one not too long ago, so instead, I will save it for the inevitable hotfix that will be required.

Kurosaki Karin

The daughter of Kurosaki Isshin and brother to Ichigo, Karin is a headstrong, somewhat bossy girl who often acts as a guardian over her younger sister. While Karin doesn't possess kidou or a zanpakutou, she is an athletic, quick girl with a powerful kick.

Ikkanzaka Jiroubou

A shinigami of the 4th division; Jiroubou is a man who likes to boast but is not afraid to fight dirty. Jiroubou's zanpakutou allow him to swarm the entire battlefield with tiny shuriken blades. 

Kurosaki Isshin
The former 10th Division Captain who left Soul Society and sacrificed his power; Isshin has now returned, along with his powers. As a former Captain, Isshin is a master of the zanpakutou, delivering brutal attacks that cleave the enemy team in two.

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GringoSauce wrote:
u is kil

lyn: y

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-Looking for Gray-Love/Sasori probably won't find him though- Back to Aniroleplay then.

Foxkage Kaminari Yajuu was here.

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damn, I missed all the faggots

>mfw people still play dfo
sup faget

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